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Bare Stranded Copper Wire is made by bunching/ stranding of multiple number of wires together in different specification as per client’s requirement. It is designed for extra strength and flexibility.

In many cases, the type of wire that is used in a piece of equipment revolves around the need for flexibility. When flexibility is needed, it is necessary to use stranded/ bunched/ flexible copper wire. Stranded copper wire is much more flexible than solid wire and has a much larger range of motion. Solid copper wire can only be used in situations where there will be no movement required.

In general, stranded/ bunched/ flexible copper wire should be used in situations where a great deal of flexibility is needed and solid wire should be used when rigidity and strength is necessary. Stranded wire is typically used in circuit board connections, audio headphones and connection areas around moving joints. Solid copper wireis used in electric motors, coils and magnet wiring.

The copper wire ropes are highly flexible and compensate for vibration, expansion etc. Being highly flexible these copper wires can be used as connectors.

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