Electrical design being one of the keys driving the technological advances enjoyed throughout the global society, Svalbard cables take into consideration a wide variety of elements that would entail planning, creating, testing, supervising the development and installations of electrical equipment.

The design projects starts with an idea that emanates from the marketing and sales department, in collaboration with the research and development division, upon which various questions are addressed i.e

  1.        What is the products used for?

  2.        What are the key features?

  3.        What is the power source? 

  4.         Under what environmental conditions would the product operate?

Below are a few of the design projects that we as Svalbard Cables encounter

  1. Electrical Sub-stations

  2. Control Systems

  3. Communication Equipment

  4. Electronic Circuit design


Design Calculations

For both Normal and Emergency power a separate document of Electric Design Calculations, shall be submitted and shall include, but not be limited to;

1. Short circuit calculation and coordination (for new panels, transformers, and switch gear)

2. KVA by switchboard

3. KVA by panel

4. KVA of lighting

5. KVA of receptacles

6. Feeder voltage drop

7. Peak demand (maximum)

8. Diversity factor

9. Lighting illumination levels (interior and exterior)

10. Emergency power KVA

11. Emergency Power Peak Demand

12. Lightning protection (Risk Analysis per NFPA 780)

13. Generator sizing

14. UPS sizing

15. Transformers

16. Switchboards

17. Grounding system

18. OSHA

1910 ARC Flash Calculations


Design calculations and data sheets shall be set out in a systematic manner to enable an accurate assessment of the equipment/system proposed and submitted in a separate binder. Initial design calculations shall be submitted at the design development stage. Revised calculations shall be submitted at the 50% construction document stage. Complete final calculations shall be submitted at 95% construction document stage. 

All calculations shall be presented on applicable forms and all literature used in the determination of the calculations shall be referenced.


 On Design-Build projects, all calculations shall be submitted with the 50% Construction Documents.


We shall Identify the demand factor used for each type of load for estimating the service size and also, identify the connected load and the demand loads.


Load analysis shall be for all equipment connected to emergency generator. All loads connected shall be considered continuous.


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