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Svalbard Cables is a global manufacturer and supplier of power, data, control and instrumentation cables along with connectors, accessories and End to End Systems; products manufactured to British Standards, European Standards and International Standards. We deliver complete cable solutions to some of the world's most demanding industries including rail, infrastructure, automation, oil & gas, and mining. At our company, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality. From the initial concept to the final product, our attention to detail is second to none. In an ever-evolving industry, Svalbard Cables has set the bar for innovation and delivery. Explore our site and see for yourself - we love our work and we’re sure you will, too.


Exceptional Quality

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XLPE Cable, PVC Cable, ABC Cable, Power Cable:Svalbard Cables can manufacture and supply cables, such as Armoured Cables, Auto & Flexible Cables, Communication Cables, Electric Cables, Fibre Optic Cables, Overhead & Utility Cables, Unarmoured Cables and Welding Cables.


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