The planning of electric power distribution in buildings and infrastructure facilities is subject to constant transformation. Dependable solutions should fulfill those usual requirements placed on cost optimization, efficiency, and time needs. At the same time, technical development innovations and findings from the practical world are constantly seeping into the planning process.

Svalbard Cables on electric power distribution intends to support you in your work as a designer and to provide you with a continuously updated and dependable instrument.

Regarding the planning concept for power supply, we know it is not only imperative to observe standards and regulations, but also important to discuss and clarify economic and technical interrelations.

To this end therefore we ensure electric equipment, such as distribution boards and transformers, are selected and rated in such a way that an optimum result for the power system as whole is achieved rather than focusing on individual components which must be sufficiently rated to withstand normal operating conditions as well as fault conditions.

When drawing up the power supply concept we as Svalbard Cables consider the following important aspects  :

• Type, use, and shape of the building (e.g. high-rise building, low-rise building, multi-storey building)

• Load centers as well as possible routes for supply lines and possible installation sites for transformers and main distribution boards

• Building-related connection values according to specific area loads that correspond to the building’s type of use

• Statutory provisions and conditions imposed by building authorities

• Requirements by the distribution system operator (DSO)

The greatest potential for the optimisation of a project is during the planning phase. At this stage, the course is set for additional costs and cost increases which may incur during the erection and subsequent use of the building.

Electrical power distribution requires integrated solutions. Totally Integrated Power (TIP) provides support for working out suitable solutions. This comprises software tools and support for planning and configuring as well as a perfectly harmonized, complete portfolio of products and systems for integrated power distribution, ranging from the medium-voltage switchgear to the final circuit.

With TIP Svalbard Cables renders support to meet requirements such as:

• Simplification of operational management by a transparent, simple network

 • Low power losses, for example by medium-voltage-side power transmission to the load centers

• High reliability of supply and operational safety of the installations, even in the event of individual equipment failures (redundant supply, selectivity of the power system protection, and high availability)

• Easy adaptation to changing load and operational conditions

• Low operating costs thanks to maintenance-friendly equipment

• Sufficient transmission capacity of the equipment under normal operating conditions as well as in fault conditions to be handled

• Good quality of the power supply, meaning few voltage changes due to load fluctuations with sufficient voltage symmetry and few harmonic distortions in the voltage

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