1 Core 300mm for 36kv

1 Core 300mm for 36kv

Splice kits are used to establish a connection between two cables. They can come in many configurations, depending on the type of wire or cable being joined.

Cable splicing is used to create one cable from two different cables. There are five steps to splicing a cable.

1. Check compatibility: The wires must be the same gauge, thickness, and type for safety reasons. If one cable is larger, it could overload the smaller cable.

2. Cut the cable: Once the cable is unplugged from a power source, cut the cable with a sharp blade. Ensure that the edges of the cable are fresh and not frayed.

3. Strip the wire coating: Stripping can be done using a wire stripper or a sharp knife. Wire strippers are designed to just remove the coating and not damage the wire.

4. Attach the cables together: Separate the wires in the cable by color and size and match them with the second cable. Twist the matching wires together.

5. Cover: Cables can be covered with solder or electrical tape. Soldering requires additional skills and tools, while electrical tape is readily available and easy to use.

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