Aluminium Lugs

Aluminium Lugs

Aluminium lug terminals are made from aluminium of a purity equal to or greater than 99,5%. The lugs are designed to accept a variety of conductor forms, especially BS6360 low stranded compacted conductors. Non-circular aluminium cable conductors, such as solid sector aluminimum conductors, may require pre-rounding prior to introduction to the terminal lug. 

Cable lug barrels are capped and filled with grease so as to avoid oxidation of the aluminium and create a water-blocked connection.The absence of the inspection hole prevents moisture ingress, making these aluminium cable terminals also suitable for outdoor applications.

NOTE - Copper terminal lugs cannot be used to terminate an aluminium conductor. Aluminium conductors will thermally expand greater than copper conductors for a given temperature, therefore, under load, the copper will act to constrict the aluminium, causing permanent extrusion of the aluminium from the joint which will ultimately lead to a loose connection and potential failure of the joint. Order it online from svalbardcables and have it delivered right to you.


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