Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

 The Solar panels are made of monocrystalline silicon solar cells, series connection or parallel connection, then hot-pressed and sealed by tempering glass and EVA,TPT, equipped with aluminum alloy frame.
1.  White Glass
Low iron White glass(also named white glass), common thickness 3.2 mm or 4 mm, the transmittance is up to 90% , This glass also resists UV light radiation, and its transmittance is not falling.

2. EVA 
EVA is a kind of hot melt adhesive, the thickness between 0.4 mm - 0.6 mm, smooth surface, uniform thickness,

3. soler cell
Solar cell is the smallest unit of the photoelectric conversion, its working voltage is about 0.5 V,

4. back veneer
Back veneer is that the protective material of the back of solar panels, including TPT, BBF, DNP, etc.

5. junction box
Junction box is generally is made of ABS, adding anti-aging agent and resist UV radiation agent.

6. aluminum alloy frame
Frame adopts hard aluminum alloy, thickness of surface oxidation layer is more than 10 micron, it can ensure 25 years' 

Pmax 365W 370W 375W
Tolerance +/-5%
Vmp 38.6V 38.8V 39.0V
Imp 9.46A 9.54A 9.62A
Voc 47.4V 47.6V 47.8V
Isc 9.97A 10.06A 10.14A
Module Effixiency 18.8 19.1 19.3
Encapsulation Glass/EVA/Cells/EVA/TPT
Size and Number of cells 156mm*156mm 72/6*12pcs
Max.syst.Oper.Voltage V 1000VDC
Dimension  1652*992*40mm
Weight kg 18.0kg
Operate Temp. Scope  -40/85ºC
Relative humidity 0 to 100%
Resistances 227g steel ball fall down from 1m height and 60m/s wind
Warranty Pm is not less than 90% in 10 years and 80% in 25 years

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