There are countless light fittings and caps. To make matters worse, some fittings are known by multiple names. Here's a short list of fittings - which is not meant to be an extensive list of all available lamp caps, but it shows the most common ones that we as a supplier stock.

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G4/G6.35 - Halogen Capsule
G4 and G6.35 bulbs are a small type bulb; the pins are just 4mm or 6.35mm apart. They are low voltage bulbs usually requiring 12V or 24V. We have a small adaptor socket  that can handle Halogen capsules (G4, G6.35) as well as MR16s (G5.3 - see below). Careful: never handle these bulbs with bare hands. Firstly, they might be very hot (hotter than incandescent light bulbs); secondly, the oil from human fingertips can damage the quartz envelope when it is heated.


Halogen lamps consist of a halogen capsule integrated with a pressed glass reflector. The fitting has two sharp pins which are 5.3mm apart (which is why they are also known as G5.3 or GU5.3). MR16 fittings are primarily used for 12V LED or halogen lights and are one of the most common types of fittings used for low voltage downlighting. "MR" stands for multifaceted reflector, a pressed glass reflector with the inside (reflecting side) surface composed of facets and covered by a reflective coating. 16 is the diameter in eighths of an inch across the front face (16/8" = 2" = 51 mm).

The reflective coating of MR16 lamps can be either dichroic or aluminium. An aluminium coating is a thin film of aluminium that reflects both heat and light. A dichroic coating is a thin, non-metallic film that allows heat to pass through the reflector while it reflects light forward. Hence only specific lamp holders are suitable for dichroic lights.


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