our expertise and experience ensures we supply our clients with the latest in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology.An Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) contains a support battery for when a device senses a loss of power from its primary source. It is an electrical apparatus that provides a boost of emergency power to where the input power source is failing.

Typically, Interruptible Power Supplies are used to protect:

  • Computers

  • Data centres

  • Telecommunication equipment

  • Other electrical equipment

We provide clients with cost effective and competitively priced solutions and continually strive for improvements in the way we work to breed confidence in our ability. As well as providing high quality UPS & Generator products from leading manufacturers we design, build and supply UPS Bypass Switches.



Installing an uninterruptible power supply is an excellent way to protect your mission critical systems. However, it is no guarantee of continual power as UPS components and UPS batteries can fail if they not properly maintained. A planned programme of UPS maintenance should always be considered as an essential part of any standby power protection system.

Our proactive approach to ensuring system reliability provides peace of mind. Knowing that your systems are working as designed will provide you with added confidence in your system infrastructure.

It should be noted that a UPS larger than 3KVA will need to be electrically installed and requires a trained UPS engineer to be commissioned. This ensures your comprehensive UPS guarantee remains valid throughout the warranty period. However, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) sized 3KVA or below does not require an engineer to install or commission the unit as it connects to the mains supply using a standard 3 pin plug.

A commissioning service can be provided for all UPS products that must be hardwired to the mains. This handover service ensures the power protection system has been configured correctly and is ready to protect your load. We double check any final connections, power up the system and hand it over to you in fully operational mode. This service also includes a run through of the UPS operating functions. Commissioning a power protection product at point of installation helps ensure your extensive warranty remains valid.


Bypass switches are available for plug and play UPS applications as well as larger single and three phase installations. They can be provided as a wall mount solutions and for plug and play and single phase UPS a rack mount version is also available.


  • Single Phase In & Out.

  • Three Phase In & Single Phase Out.

  • Three Phase In & Three Phase Out.

  • Rack Mountable.

  • Wall Mountable.

  • Single or dual input power supplies catered for.

  • Fully customisable to your specific needs.

  • Manufactured in-house to the highest standards.

Our UPS panels can be customised and tailored to your specific requirements including the incorporation of distribution boards within the same enclosures. They are an essential component of any power protection solution. They allow for removal, repair, maintenance, and service of your UPS without disrupting your critical load. This means no downtime during essential business operating hours and can help reduce unforeseen future costs.


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